Protective of Beneficiary Rights/Kinship Proceedings

Beneficiary Rights

First and foremost, one of the most important initial steps in the probate process is determining the true beneficiaries of the estate. Individuals who have been left out of an estate for any reason should contact the experienced probate attorneys at MMKO to protect their rights as a beneficiary. Individuals who were excluded from a will or trust by fraudulent actions by a third party should consult MMKO to discuss their options because your rights to inherit may be in jeopardy.

For over seven decades, MMKO has built its reputation of aggressively fighting for our clients’ rights with all matters relating to probating and administering estates. If you are an individual who would like to better understand your rights as a beneficiary, contact MMKO for a consultation today.

Kinship Proceeding

When a person's next of kin or distributees cannot be fully ascertained or are distant in nature such as cousins, the Surrogate's Court holds a hearing to determine the rightful heirs. Kinship hearings can be complicated and involve the presentation of birth records, marriage records and other heirship documents. Very often professional genealogists are hired to search for missing heirs. The Surrogate's Court requires the presentation of all of these kinship documents and witness testimony to determine who should inherit an estate.

MMKO has considerable experience in kinship proceedings and our attorneys are prepared to protect our clients’ rights in court when issues regarding heirship arise. If your entitlement is capable of being proven, we will prove it.

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