Employment Law

Employment Litigation

MMKO has represented clients in both New York State and Federal Courts specializing in the litigation of employment discrimination and workplace harassment disputes; restrictive covenant and other alleged unfair competition matters; and wage and hour matters. In addition to formal litigation proceedings, MMKO has fought for their clients in mediation and other alternative dispute resolution proceedings.

Employment Counseling

Having an in-depth knowledge of the law in the employment area through advocating on behalf of clients during litigation, the lawyers of MMKO are in a unique position to render counseling and advice to both employees and employers as to the employee relationship. Legal counsel may be needed at the onset during the interview and hiring stage, through the peaks and valleys during the course of the employment relationship, and at the termination of employment. Attorneys at MMKO have assisted hundreds of employees and employers in connection with employment matters. At the outset of the employment relationship, our lawyers have assisted clients in drafting employee handbooks and in negotiating employment agreements. During the course of employment, the lawyers of MMKO have counseled clients on their rights, responsibilities and obligations in numerous areas, such as the right to overtime, privacy in the workplace, effect and enforceability of covenants not to compete and non-solicitation agreements, unemployment insurance entitlement, and compensation issues

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