Probate Administration

Probate Administration

Probate or probating a Will is the process by which a Will is submitted to the Court for validation. After a person dies, the document that is denominated as the person's Will must be officially authenticated by the Surrogate's Court. The probate process can be complicated and requires the filing of an array of documents in support of the Will. These can include kinship information and attesting witness affidavits.

With over seven decades of experience representing clients in Surrogate’s Court, MMKO is adept in guiding clients through the probate process.

A sample of the documents typically required by the Court when probating an Estate consist of the following:

  • Filing of the Petition for Probate of a Will in the Surrogate’s Court.
  • Appearing on behalf of the Executor in Court.
  • Obtaining Letters Testamentary that grants the executor the authority to communicate with institutions and beneficiaries on behalf of the estate.
  • Collecting and inventorying all assets and debts of the estate.
  • Opening of an estate bank account.
  • Paying Decedent’s bills and taxes.
  • Selling real estate and other property to raise cash and protect estate assets
  • Preparing the final settlement statement or accounting of the estate.

Each of these facets has its own unique requirements, but MMKO is there to assist every step of the way!

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